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  • "Calling the Kings Back Up a River They Lost" and "Giant Tuna" in Water's Edge: Writing on Water, edited by Lenore Manderson
    and Forrest Gander.

    Northwest University Press. 2022. 

  • “Curry Before Leaving” and “Lemon Tree” in They Rise Like A Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poet, edited by Randy White.
    Blue Oak Press. 2022.

  • “Migration to Bhutan” in Know Me Here: An Anthology of Poetry by Women, edited by Katherine Hastings.
    Word Temple Press. 2017. 

  • Translation” and “Giganteum” in Digging Our Poetic Roots: Poems from Sonoma County.
    Word Temple Press. 2015.


  • “Synchronicity,” “The Astringency of Amla,” “Pantoum on a Half-Sentence,” “Remembering the Potter” and “A Poet’s Keystone” 
    in The Harper Collins Anthology of English Poetry by Indians.
    Publisher: Harper Collins. 2012.


  • “Translation” and “Blackbirds in a Bare Tree at Dusk” in Fog and Wood Smoke.
    Publisher: Lost Hills Press. 2011.

  • “Oppenheimer Quotes the Bhagwad Gita,” “Sequoia Sempervirens,” “Under Wolf Paw,” and “Return to Grand Canyon” 
    in Indivisible: A Contemporary Anthology of South Asian American Poetry.
    Publisher: University of Arkansas Press. 2010.

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