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  • "Thumbprint" and "Clingstone" in Chicago Quarterly Review, 2017


  • Helpless (nominated for Pushcart Prize), "Salvaging Herpetofauna," "Rescuing Tree Frogs," 
    "One-Horned Rhino Population" and "Blue Border of Extinction"
     in Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis 


  • "Children in a Mustard Field," "Yuba River," "Arribada," "Afghanistan, End of Eighty-Seven and Chance in Munyori

  • "Dispersal" and "Offerings" in World Literature Today (nominated for a Pushcart Prizes). Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press. 2011. 

  • "Dry Canal," Veerabhai," "Filling Ghadas at the Pipe," "Migration from Mamuni Village," "Dance for the Season’s First Rain," "Water is One," "The Journey," "Music" and  "Migratory: in the essay "Hunting Down Water in India." Water: Culture, Politics, and Management. Pearson Press. 2010. 


  • "Renewal/Dhunai," "Dawn with Shikra," "Dawn with Asian Koel" and  "Dawn with Rose-ringed Parakeets"
    in The Literary Review. Fairleigh Dickinson University. Spring 2009. Madison, New Jersey.

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