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All the Fires of Wind and Light

A new Book of Poetry, forthcoming from Sixteen Rivers Press in 2019 


A sweep of brightness raises the mountaintops from sleep.

As if on cue, a rush of breath answers the stuff of ages,

the essentials, forest awakened by silences rising


once the flames have fallen. Now you can set down your fears;

you can see them.  Sprig by sprig, the forest unwrapping layers

of light. The old and the new, shoulder to shoulder. The tribes,


clarkia, lupine, conifer, marking time in concentric circles,

working through the intricacies. As if following instructions

in amber, red, and green. And now the wild ones, inner eyes  


drawing from the Pleistocene, are arriving with the disposition  

of their ancients. And the order. Foxes, mice, owls. Yipping,

declaring the bounty.

2019 All the Fires FINAL Cover.jpg

Book Review

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