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Searching for the Gold Spot


Searching for the Goldspot: The Wild After Wildfire
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Searching for the Gold Spot

Searching for the Gold Spot: The Wild After Wildfire

Three years in the making, “Searching for Gold Spot: The Wild After Wildfire” is about the high biodiversity of natural forests that have recently experienced large wildfire. The film moves in pace with scientists searching through the Sierra Nevada and Cascades Mountains for rare wildlife – and finding far more than they expected. But because fire is feared and much misunderstood, current forest plans allow for massive clear-cutting operations after wildfire – and even for the removal of mature trees before forests have burned. All across our public lands of the American West, tens of thousands of acres have been lost; more are under threat. Yet there is hope… Blending a celebration of beauty with glimpses of the challenges ahead, this film will raise questions about the importance of discovering and conserving our wild.

Fire Wise

Firewise - The Scientists Speak

Firewise: The Scientists Speak, weaves the personal accounts and astonishing findings of leading scientists and firefighters who understand ways to stay safe while protecting lands that have always been shaped by fire. The film-in-progress is the second in a 2-part series called The Wild After Wildfire. Part 1, Searching for the Gold Spot, was completed with support from Patagonia, Environment Now, Fund for Wild Nature, and From the Heart Productions. Part 2,  Firewise: The Scientists Speak, will address the universal fear of fire and distinguish between wildfires and urban conflagrations. Personal accounts will be combined with the best available science on one of the ancient, most misunderstood forces of nature. Critical in a changing climate, the voices in Firewise will share stories and discuss how much can be done to increase fire safety on the home front while saving the post-fire backcountry from large-scale logging and clear-cutting projects – which are more destructive than beneficial to the wild.

Turtle Diaries
Turtle Diaries Project
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With grant awards from Patagonia, the Audubon Society, Environment Now and Fund for Wild Nature, Maya created a documentary film, “Searching for the Gold Spot: The Wild After Wildfire”(30 minutes),devoted to native wildlife thriving in post-fire forests all across the American West. The film and associated writinghas been screened for the Pepperwood Preserve (2016, 2017), Sonoma Climate Change Protection Campaign (2017), and at universities, festivals, and Audubon Society Chapters. The film will be presented at the Sonoma Public Library. Mayais working with KRCB Public Television on final edits for Searching for the Gold Spot, for airing in 2018.

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